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Growing euphorbia’s successfully

Growing euphorbias successfully. Euphorbia World 9(3)2013, page 5 – 6.

Over the years I have been asked to write something about the cultivation of euphorbia’s quite frequently.  However I played with the thought several times, I have always, until now, refused to do this. The main reason was in fact that there are so many exceptions to any general advice. The thought there are only guidelines instead of rules put me at work at last.

Growing euphorbia’s successfully: Getting more of them; multiplication

Growing euphorbias successfully – Multiplication: Getting more of them. Euphorbia World 10(1)2014, page 26 – 27.

Recently there was a discussion on Planet Euphorbia (Facebook) dealing with Euphorbia lavasoa. Formally there is no Euphorbia lavasoa known and the plant meant here was in fact Euphorbia species ‘Lavasoa’. In this case ‘Lavasoa’ is an hotel in the vicinity of Fort Dauphin, Madagascar and our plant of the relationship Euphorbia hedytioides is supposed to grow in the shrubs behind the hotel. Having cleared this fact some readers replied with the question if any cuttings were available. Growing euphorbia’s successfully is all about multiplication.

Growing euphorbias successfully- Key success-factor: Watering

Growing euphorbias successfully – key success-factor: Watering. Euphorbia World 10(2)2014, page 11 – 13.

This year spring arrived early here in Holland and as every year the question was; when can I water my euphorbias for the first time? Actually, it is the only time I really enjoy watering my plants. I guess the fact the long resting wintertime is over and expectations of fresh new growth and flowers are the reasons of this joy. For the remaining I do not like it at all.

Growing euphorbias successfully – getting more of them: Sowing

Growing euphorbias successfully – getting more of them: Sowing. Euphorbia World 10(3)2014, page 22 – 25

I guess it is true for all lovers of plants: After managing the skill of growing your beloved plants and having multiplied them by taking cuttings, the next thrill is to raise them from seeds. Most of you will not argument with this hypothesis and think back about the time, not long after taking up growing succulent euphorbias as a hobby, with much pleasure when for the first time a batch of seedlings was repotted.

Growing euphorbia’s successfully; Intensive Care

Growing euphorbias successfully – intensive care. Euphorbia World 11(1), page 11 – 13.

Some time ago, when presenting a slideshow on euphorbias, a guy asked me: ‘How on earth can you grow Euphorbia guillaminiana for a longer period of time?’ I replied that growing Euphorbia guillaminiana was easy. The audience was stunned and was ready to fire a lot of arguments in order to convince me of the opposite.

Growing euphorbia’s successfully; In boxes

Growing euphorbias successfully – in boxes. Euphorbia World 17(2)2021, page 21 – 23

In my greenhouse there is still an intensive care area, about which I wrote before in Euphorbia World (2015). The use of this few square metres insulated with plastic foil is intensive and very much appreciated. I would be crippled without it. I also still have my sewing batches in it without further protection. After germination the seedlings must not be grown to profusely in my opinion, so that they become stronger and more robust.

Some additional notes on the cultivation of euphorbias

Some additional notes on the cultivation of euphorbias. Euphorbia World 14(1)2018, page 30 – 32

The knowledge that articles about the cultivation of succulent euphorbias are generally highly appreciated by our readers made me, after long hesitation, write a series about this subject for Euphorbia World. The amount of reactions and even a reprint in another succulent journal made the effort quite rewarding and I intended soon afterwards to write a next part on this subject. Again this proved to be a step postponed many times.