Exchange plants

Have you had a look around the webshop and might you have some plants I might be interesseted in yourself? We could make a trade. 

Send me a massage to let me know in wich plants you’re interesseted and the plants you have to offer.

We could send by mail or meet in person to exchange.

The goal of this website is not only to pass euphorbias to other collectors, but also to get something new to add to my collection. I know the species mentioned below are the rare ones and are not widely distributed in cultivation.
Also there are many more species I don’t have and are not listed here. The ones mentioned here are
of special interest to me for some reason.
If you have one or more species of the list below, I would like to swap with you very much. I can
assure you that from my side also some very fine plants will make the balance in your favour.


Plants I’m interested in to excange:

adenochila S. Carter
appendiculata P. R. O. Bally & S. Carter
baga A. Chev
baleensis M. G. Gilbert
baradii S. Carter
curocana L. C. Leach
cariniculata P. R. O. Bally & S. Carter
cataractarum S. Carter
cervicornu Baill
cubensis Boiss
dalettiensis M. G. Gilbert
dolichoceras S. Carter
doloensis M. G. gilbert
dunensis S. Carter
elastic Jum
engleri Pax
fissispina P. R. O. Bally & S. Carter
flaviana Carn. – Torres & Cordeiro
giumboensis A. Hässl
grosseri Pax
gueinzii Boiss
gymnonota Urb
gypsophila S. Carter
hamaderoensis A. G. Mill
helenae Urb
intricata S. Carter
joyae P. R. O. Bally
kabridarensis Thulin
kaessneri Pax
kelleri Pax
kiritensis P. R. O. Bally & S. Carter
lavicola S. Carter
leucochlamys Chiov
macrophylla Pax
mananarensis Leandri
mandravioky Baill
meuleniana O. Schwartz
millspaughii V. M. Steinm. & P. E. Berry

minuscula Bruyns
monadenoides M. G. Gilbert
munizii Borhidi
nogalensis (A. Hässl.) S. Carter
norfolkiana Boiss
noxia Pax
obcordata Balf. f
ogadenensis P. R. O. Bally & S. Carter
omariana M. G. Gilbert
pachysantha Baill
papilosicapsa L. C. Leach
pirahazo Jum
pirrottae N. Terrac
polyantha Pax
pseudograntii Pax
rivae Pax
rubrisemalis S. Carter
scatorhiza S. Carter
scutiformis V. W. Steinm & P. E. Berry
sennii Chiov
somalensis Pax
strigosa Hook. & Arn.
subpelthathophylla Rauh
thulinii S. Carter
tripartite S. Carter
umbelliformis V. W. Steinm. & P. E. Berry
uniglans M. G. Gilbert