My travels

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Over the years i’ve made 13 trips to soutern Africa to search of Euphorbia’s and meet other Euphorbia enthusiast.

I call them my

Succulent Safari's

1997 -November; South Africa – Kwazulu Natal, Free State and Eastern Cape.
1999 – October; South Africa – Eastern Cape.
2001 – November; South Africa – Eastern and Western Cape.
2003 – November; Western and Northern Cape.
2006 – November; Western and Northern Cape, South of Namibia.
2008 – November; Western and Northern Cape, North West and Limpopo, South Africa and south of Namibia.
2012 – February; Western and Eastern Cape, south Africa.
2013 – November; Ethiopia.
2015 – November; Limpopo, South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.
2017 – November; Western and Northern Cape, South Africa, Central and South of Namibia.
2018 – December; Tanzania.
2020 – January; Tanzania.
2021 – December; Zambia.

Read about some of those travels

2008 - South Africa and Namibia

In November 2008 Jaap Keijzer and I made a trip on invitation of the Planetary Biodiversity Inventory to South Africa and Namibia. The goal of this trip to find as many euphorbias as possibly in their natural habitat and to take pictures, herbarium material, dna-samples and GPS-coordinates. As there was, and perhaps still is, a lot of confusion about the identity of quite a few of the euphorbias growing naturally in Southern Africa.

2013 - On the track of Succulents in Ethiopia

Early morning of 7 November 2013 Wiebe Bosma and I arrived at Bole International Airport, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and even still in the plane it was obvious we were no longer in Europe (Figure 1). Soon afterwards met our two travel companions, Leo van der Hoeven and Bob Potter. Our aim was to find as many succulents in general as possible, where Wiebe has a special interest in Stapeliads and I of course in euphorbias.

2015 - Zimbabwe

On the 12th of November 2015 I arrived at the airport OR Tambo,
Johannesburg, south Africa, where I met up with Leo van der Hoeven and Bob
Potter, my travel companions. The plan was to visit some localities in Limpopo
Province, south Africa, find the barely known Euphorbia venteri in Botswana and
then travel around in Zimbabwe for at least two weeks. 

2021 - Zambia

It is not the most obvious choice to visit Zambia for seeing succulents in nature. For sure, there are advantages too to travel Zambia, like the friendly people, reasonable accommodations and of course the African sun. But the landscape is monotonous without high mountain ranges and deep valleys with sightseeing spots.