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Euphorbia subgenus Chamaesyce.
2290Euphorbia antisyphiliticaCutting€ 4,00
3465Euphorbia ceriferaNot E. antisyphilitica, yellow flowers, cutting.€ 6,00
4924Euphorbia mcvaughiiWoody shrub from Mexico. Cutting.€ 5,00
rvv-18 ’15Euphorbia species affinis goetzeiRM1048. Ghazi, Kenya. Sold before as E. species affinis transvaalensis. Seedling.€ 5,00
2502Euphorbia miseraCutting€ 4,00
rvv-63 ’08Euphorbia platyclada var platycladaCutting€ 3,00
Euphorbia subgenus Esula
58 ’21Euphorbia atropurpureaSeedling€ 5,00
442Euphorbia laterifloraNewton 606, south of Oduponkpeke, Accra Plains, Ghana, cutting€ 4,00
rvv-25 ’07Euphorbia mauritanicaMierenfontein, south of Laingsburg. Cutting.€ 4,00
rvv-2 ’09Euphorbia mauritanicaJ&R506, Karrachab Poort. Cutting.€ 4,00
2292Euphorbia nubicaCutting€ 5,00
2683Euphorbia orthocladaCutting.€ 6,00
3477Euphorbia schimperiHAJ161, Wadi Afal, Oman. Sold before as E. uzmuk. Cutting€ 6,00
rvv-42 ’09Euphorbia stoloniferaJ&R550, west of Gouritzmond, RSA. Cutting.€ 5,00
rvv-104 ’10Euphorbia stoloniferaJ&R753, Akkerendam, Calvinia. Cutting.€ 5,00
Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia.
2919Euphorbia alcicornisSyn. E. imerina. Cutting€ 6,00
2859Euphorbia alluaudii species affinisPCO1163-02, West of Fort Dauphin, Madagascar, cutting.€ 5,00
2720Euphorbia analalavensisWindsor Castle Diego, Madagascar. Before on the list as Euphorbia species affinis corraloides, but now correctly identified. cutting€ 4,00
3577Euphorbia analalavensisRoosli&Hoffmann 54/05, Antsiranana, Windsor Castle, Madagascar, cutting€ 4,00
2568Euphorbia arahakaCutting, very similar to intisy.€ 4,00
2784Euphorbia famataboaySyn. Euph. Cedrorum. Cutting€ 6,00
2372Euphorbia fihenerensisCutting€ 5,00
2289Euphorbia intisyCutting€ 4,00
4861Euphorbia intisyLarger more robust form. Cutting.€ 5,00
5123Euphorbia intisy cfRoosli&Rechberger962, Atsimo, Madagascar. Cutting.€ 5,00
5306Euphorbia intisy species affinisRodhoff7-29525-4, Montagne des Francais, Madagascar. Cutting.€ 5,00
4203Euphorbia kamponiiCutting€ 5,00
2530Euphorbia laroIs synonym of Euph tirucallii, but this plant is different in several features. Cutting.€ 4,00
4107Euphorbia laro species affinisTananarive. Cutting€ 5,00
2922Euphorbia mahabobokensisPlant.€ 6,00
2488Euphorbia neoelliotiiBehind Hotel Lavasoa, Fort Dauphin. Seedling€ 6,00
rvv-114 ’23Euphorbia pervilleanaE. spinicapsula is a synonym. Small seedling of the shrub from Madagascar with a tuberous root.€ 6,00
414Euphorbia pteroneuraCutting€ 5,00
2313Euphorbia sarcostemmoïdesCutting€ 4,00
4328Euphorbia sipolisiiCutting€ 8,00
3871Euphorbia tirucalliiRM782, Sagalla, Kenya. Cutting.€ 3,00
2861Euphorbia uzmukSh8354, received as Euphorbia species. Cutting€ 5,00
4093Euphorbia xylophylloidesCutting€ 4,00
Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia section Goniostema.
Species in this Section are of the milii-type and originate all from Madagascar.
3556Euphorbia ambonaivoensisHeid106308, Hautes Nanambolo, Region d’Egomony. Before description as ‘Species Ipinense’. Cutting.€ 10,00
3927Euphorbia ambonaivoensisRauh75676, Heid142041€ 10,00
2382Euphorbia ampanihyensisEuphorbia decaryi var ampanihyensis is elevated as a species. Cutting.€ 5,00
rvv-118 ’08Euphorbia analavelonensisAnalavelona Toliary, cutting€ 6,00
3640Euphorbia beharensisRanomainty, Madagascar. Cutting€ 6,00
2945Euphorbia beharensis var. truncataRauh68567, type clone, Behara, Tolanaro, Madagscar. Cutting or small seedling.€ 8,00
4613Euphorbia berorohaeCutting€ 5,00
4128Euphorbia bevilaniensisRauh M1299, North of Fort Dauphin, Madagascar. Cutting€ 4,00
rvv-113 ’20Euphorbia beuginiiRanohira, Madagascar. Cutting.€ 5,00
124Euphorbia boiteaui var boiteauiSyn. Euphorbia decaryi, but recently it has got its old name back. Cutting€ 5,00
125Euphorbia boiteaui var spirostichaCutting€ 4,00
2591Euphorbia brachyphyllaCutting€ 5,00
1413Euphorbia bulbispinaCutting€ 6,00
702Euphorbia bulbispina species affinisUnrooted cutting. Rooting is a slow process.€ 4,00
rvv-12 ’11Euphorbia capuroniiCutting€ 5,00
806Euphorbia cylindrifolia ssp cylindrifoliaCutting.€ 5,00
rvv-45 ’17Euphorbia duraniiMount Antogona, Madagascar. Sold before as species affinis, but it is true Euphorbia duranii. Cutting.€ 5,00
rvv-19 ’03Euphorbia genoudianaCutting€ 6,00
rvv-105 ’02Euphorbia geroldiiType locality,Vohemar, north east of Iharana. Cutting€ 5,00
4623Euphorbia giganteaCutting€ 6,00
rvv-91 ’20Euphorbia gottlebeiCuttung€ 5,00
rvv-64 ’23Euphorbia horombensisSmall seedling.€ 5,00
2865Euphorbia imperataeRauh M1356, Heid140159, 10 km North of Manatenina, Madagascar. Cutting.€ 6,00
rvv-60 ’22Euphorbia kondoiSmall seedling.€ 8,00
2313Euphorbia mahafalenseCutting€ 6,00
816Euphorbia millotiiFlowering size seedling.€ 8,00
rvv-74 ’22Euphorbia multibrachiataNew described species. Small seedling€ 20,00
333Euphorbia neobosseriRecently recognized as a very small and slow growing form of Euph sakarahaensis. There is only one clone in cultivation. Cutting.€ 6,00
rvv-79 ’17Euphorbia razafinandratsiraeSold before as Euphorbia mangokyensis, but this name is in still doubtful. Cutting.€ 6,00
rvv-107 ’18Euphorbia roseanaSeedling€ 5,00
rvv-34 ’19Euphorbia sakarahaensisCutting€ 5,00
 Euphorbia species MeavetananaMost likely this is Euphorbia marotsipoyana. Small seedling.€ 14,00
3562Euphorbia tardieuana species affinisRauh70604A, Diego Suarez, Madagascar, more robust form. Rootd cutting. Probably Euph.hexadenia.€ 6,00
rvv-112 ’20Euphorbia tenuispinaSeedling. Euphorbia milii var tenuispina is now a species of its own.€ 4,00
75Euphorbia tsihombensisAgain a new name for what was sold before as E. ebeloensis (syn.) and E. croizatii. It has blue-grey leaves with a tiny purple edge. Cutting€ 5,00
204Euphorbia werneriThe correct name for E. delphinensis (syn.). Cutting€ 5,00
519Euphorbia xanthadeniaRobust plant with 4 ribs. Cutting€ 6,00
Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia section Monadenium.
Species in this Section were formerly mostly placed in the Genus Monadenium.
4881Euphorbia bisellenbeckiiSyn. Monadenium ellenbeckii. RM788, Rhamu, Kenya. Cutting€ 6,00
793Euphorbia magnificaSyn. Monadenium magnificum. Cutting€ 5,00
2990Euphorbia neokaessneriKatanga, Congo. Syn Monadenium kaessneri. Cutting.€ 8,00
4Euphorbia rhizophoraSyn. Monadenium rhizophorum. Cutting€ 4,00
13Euphorbia rhizophora var stoloniferaSyn. Monadenium rhizophorum var stoloniferum. Little tuber.€ 4,00
Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia section Euphorbia.
Nearly all species in this section are of the spiny cactus type plants.
630Euphorbia aeruginosaMiniature form. Cutting. More tricky to grow.€ 5,00
52Euphorbia aeruginosaRobust form. Cutting€ 6,00
2175Euphorbia angustifloraCutting€ 4,00
494Euphorbia atrofloraCutting€ 6,00
2383Euphorbia berte-mariaeCutting€ 8,00
4477Euphorbia berte-mariaeDifferent clone with adjacent spination. Cutting€ 10,00
1434Euphorbia bitataensisCutting€ 6,00
174Euphorbia borenensisCutting€ 6,00
rvv-31 ’10Euphorbia bothaeRBAM1495, 30 km nw of Grahamstown, RSA. Cutting€ 4,00
2380Euphorbia bougheyiCutting€ 8,00
4186Euphorbia bwambensisEpulo, Congo. Cutting.€ 10,00
4208Euphorbia caerulescensSyn. Euph ledienii. J&R215, east of Alicedale, Eastern Cape. Cutting€ 5,00
2059Euphorbia calodermaCutting€ 6,00
4226Euphorbia cannelliiCutting€ 6,00
2476Euphorbia cattimandooSrikaikularn, India, cutting.€ 8,00
2269Euphorbia classeniiCutting€ 5,00
rvv-93 ’15Euphorbia clivicolaRBAM1748, Boyne, RSA. Cutting. Bruyns included the more elongated plants into the species Euph. clivicola.€ 6,00
4355Euphorbia clivicola ssp calcriticaDe Lange183, Roedtan, RSA. Cutting. Bruyns recently described these plants. In cultivation for many years as Euphorbia venterii.€ 6,00
294Euphorbia cryptospinosaCutting€ 6,00
3004Euphorbia curviramaCutting€ 5,00
3948Euphorbia daweiBujumbura, Burundi. Shoot of the stem which grow into a plant with a trunk.€ 8,00
4202Euphorbia debilispinaLeach14143, 8 km West of Lusaka, Zambia. Cutting€ 4,00
483Euphorbia dedzanaDeza Mountains, Malawi. Cutting.€ 8,00
5701Euphorbia dedzana species affinisP&R856, Phopo Hill, Vwaza, Malawi. Cutting.€ 10,00
3150Euphorbia deightoniiCutting€ 5,00
364Euphorbia elegantissimaCutting€ 5,00
4659Euphorbia evansiiCutting€ 4,00
482Euphorbia eyassianaLCL13205, between Oldeani and Lak Eyassi, Tanzania. Type-clone. Cutting.€ 5,00
525Euphorbia eyassiana species affinisMore heavily spined form. Cutting.€ 5,00
613Euphorbia fascicaulisLavr10332, Kuruwadne, Somalia, Cutting€ 5,00
2231Euphorbia fluminisCutting.€ 6,00
3147Euphorbia franckianaCutting€ 5,00
rvv-55 ’10Euphorbia frankiiFN 1283, Kawbakan, Yemen, cutting.€ 5,00
2174Euphorbia fruticosaAJB 126, South of Nashamak, Yemen. Cutting. This form has a very different habit than the common form.€ 6,00
540Euphorbia fruticosaFN755, 20 km n of Ma’bar, Yemen, cutting€ 5,00
2405Euphorbia fruticosaFN1258, 30 Km from t/o Wadi Dhar – Shibam, Yemen. Small seedling.€ 5,00
1192Euphorbia fruticosaFN1370, 7 km West of Al-Mahwit, Yemen. Cutting€ 5,00
3433Euphorbia fruticosaPH219, Wadi Al-Hadud, s/w of Mankhah, Yemen. Cutting.€ 5,00
2902Euphorbia furcataCutting€ 5,00
1808Euphorbia galgalanaLavr24765, HBG957890, Galgalo, 25 km west of Carin, Bari Region, Somalia. Cutting€ 8,00
1431Euphorbia gemmeaCutting€ 5,00
2028Euphorbia gilletii ssp gilletiiFKH777. Cutting€ 8,00
2964Euphorbia glochidiataCutting.€ 6,00
2283Euphorbia greenwayii ssp breviaculeata species affinisLavr.21330, cutting€ 4,00
3151Euphorbia greenwayii ssp breviaculeataRuahua Gorge, Tanzania. Cutting€ 4,00
2261Euphorbia greenwayii species affinisSpecks 1184, West of Itigi, Singida Prov., Tanzania, cutting.€ 5,00
rvv-33 ’21Euphorbia halipedicolaSmall seedling€ 8,00
4335Euphorbia heterochromaCutting€ 5,00
1075Euphorbia heterospina ssp baringoensisCutting€ 5,00
478Euphorbia inarticulataCutting€ 4,00
4400Euphorbia inarticulata8 Km n/e of Hajjah, Yemen. Cutting€ 6,00
2058Euphorbia incultaCutting€ 6,00
3973Euphorbia isacanthaCutting€ 6,00
2998Euphorbia isacantha species affinisSpecks21179, Singida Prov., Tanzania. Cutting€ 5,00
5556Euphorbia kamerunicaCutting€ 6,00
2080Euphorbia keithiiCutting€ 5,00
rvv-66 ’22Euphorbia knuthiiGaza Province, Mozambique. Small seedling.€ 6,00
2057Euphorbia lactea cv ‘White Ghost’Cutting€ 6,00
rvv-104 ’17Euphorbia laikipiensisRM1110, near Ruare, Nanyuki towards Nyahururu, Kenya. Cutting.€ 6,00
rvv-120 ’08Euphorbia lenewtoniiNewton & Liede 4429, N.W. of Farkwa, Kondoa District, Tanzania. Clonotype, cutting€ 5,00
1096Euphorbia leontopodaCutting€ 5,00
3976Euphorbia louwiiCutting€ 5,00
4458Euphorbia lukoseanaLukose River, Tanzania. Cutting€ 5,00
2652Euphorbia lydenburgensisCutting€ 4,00
1635Euphorbia lydenburgensis var minorAbel Erasmus Pass, RSA. Cutting€ 5,00
2374Euphorbia makallensisCutting€ 4,00
rvv-92 ’14Euphorbia malevolaB&R709, North bank of Lundi River, north of Runde, Zimbabwe. Cutting€ 6,00
2974Euphorbia memoralisCutting€ 5,00
4014Euphorbia monacanthaR&W594, south of Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. I believe it is the true species. Grafted head-like side-shoots, but not as nice as seedlings.€ 16,00
1895Euphorbia mosaicaGraft€ 12,00
2226Euphorbia nigrispinoidesCutting€ 6,00
3892Euphorbia nyassaeCutting€ 6,00
304Euphorbia odonthophoraCutting€ 10,00
2371Euphorbia parciramulosaCutting€ 5,00
rvv-11 ’16Euphorbia persistentifoliaB&R705, Mahowe Escarpment, Zimbabwe. Cutting.€ 6,00
rvv-218 ’07Euphorbia petraeaCutting€ 6,00
1613Euphorbia petricolaOld clone. Cutting.€ 5,00
4873Euphorbia cf petricolaRM616, Kyulu Hill, Kenya. Cutting. Looks quite different from the old clone. Is not Euph uhligiana€ 6,00
2416Euphorbia polyacanthaE04601. Cutting.€ 4,00
2430Euphorbia polyacantha ssp rosseniiAlong road from Nile to Kombolcha, Ethiopia. Cutting.€ 8,00
5101Euphorbia quinquecostataRM12295, Maunga Hill, Kenya. Cutting.€ 6,00
176 ’05Euphorbia radyeriBest known as Euph caerulescens. Cutting€ 5,00
2911Euphorbia ramipressaCutting€ 6,00
352Euphorbia richardsiaeCutting€ 5,00
172Euphorbia rowlandiiCutting€ 8,00
2403Euphorbia rubrispinosaCutting€ 6,00
491Euphorbia rubromarginataSomatal Pass, Ethiopia, cutting.€ 5,00
488Euphorbia rugosifloraR 1243, ‘The Corner’, Chimanimani Mountains, Zimbabwe, cutting€ 4,00
4868Euphorbia samburuensisRM12035, near Baragoi, El Barta Plains, Kenya. Form with average heavy spines. Cutting€ 6,00
2529Euphorbia saxorumGreen form, cutting€ 4,00
2485Euphorbia saxorumIn between form, cutting.€ 4,00
2535Euphorbia saxorumMutomo Hills, Kenya, cutting€ 5,00
2562Euphorbia schinziiBruyns put this well-known name to what was known as Euphorbia complexa and named what we know as Euphorbia schinzii; Euphorbia steelpoortensis. Cutting€ 10,00
1774Euphorbia sebsebeiType locality, Wachile – Yavello road, Ethiopia, cutting.€ 5,00
4015Euphorbia sebsebeiR&W634, W of Wachile towards Mega, Ethiopia. Cutting.€ 6,00
1774Euphorbia seibanicaLavr. & Al-Gifri 30745, Bain Al-Jibal, Hadramaut, Yemen, cutting€ 6,00
2729Euphorbia septentrionalisBlueish form, cutting€ 4,00
3635Euphorbia septentrionalis9 Km. West of Rumuruti, Kenya. Cutting.€ 5,00
2411Euphorbia serenpiditaCutting.€ 5,00
2512Euphorbia sesselifloraNorthern Thailand. Recent dna-research revealed this is a dwarf sister species of Euphorbia epiphylloides. Cutting.€ 12,00
989Euphorbia similirameaCutting€ 4,00
149Euphorbia stapfii species affinisMoyale – Badich Road, Kenya. Cutting.€ 6,00
2135Euphorbia steelpoortensisLeach17932, Farm ‘Thornecliffe’, near Steelpoort. Normal form of this species. Cutting€ 6,00
3828Euphorbia steelpoortensisBurgersfort. Sold before as E. species affinis aeruginosa. Ex ES3306. Cutting.€ 5,00
709Euphorbia steelpoortensisLeach17817, 5 km SE of Chuniespoort. Cutting€ 6,00
3413Euphorbia subscandensCutting€ 5,00
2304Euphorbia susan-holmesiaeCutting€ 8,00
3894Euphorbia tenuispinosaRoad Samburu to Voi, 1,4 km before Voi, Kenya. Cutting.€ 5,00
5473Euphorbia tetracanthoides cfPP8209, Kimani Falls, Kipengere, Tanzania. Identification is unsure. Cutting.€ 10,00
5557Euphorbia thiCutting€ 6,00
2136Euphorbia tsavoensisCutting€ 6,00
3860Euphorbia vajraveluiCutting€ 6,00
2302Euphorbia vallarisCutting€ 4,00
2105Euphorbia vandermerweiCutting€ 6,00
4256Euphorbia viduifoliaCutting€ 5,00
416Euphorbia vulcanorumCutting€ 6,00
4180Euphorbia species affinis vulcanorumRM916, Sololo – Makutano junction, Kenya. Cutting€ 6,00
167Euphorbia whellaniiCutting€ 5,00
Euphorbia subgenus Athymalus (Rhizanthium).
rvv-36 ’06Euphorbia aggregataJ&R94, ‘Buffelsdrift’, West of Carlisle Bridge.€ 4,00
1349Euphorbia aggregata species affinisJ&R116, Valley of Desolation, North/West of Graaff Reinet. Smaller form.€ 5,00
rvv-55 ’21Euphorbia balsamiferaGuimar, Tenerife. Seedling€ 6,00
1266Euphorbia cumulataJ&R56, near Buffelsdrift, East of Committees Drift, cutting.€ 4,00
rvv-42 ’00Euphorbia cumulataJ&R63, East of Ecca Pass Monument, cutting.€ 4,00
4956Euphorbia dhofarensisCutting€ 8,00
1056Euphorbia feroxSwanepoelspoort, between Willowmore and Klipplaat, cutting.€ 4,00
rvv-43 ’00Euphorbia feroxJ&R164, farm ‘Drie Kuilen’ east of Steytlerville, cutting.€ 4,00
rvv-101 ’19Euphorbia heptagonaJ&R54, north of Triumpheeter’s Drift, Eastern Cape. Seedling.€ 5,00
5564Euphorbia laricaCutting€ 8,00
rvv-61 ’00Euphorbia leachiiJ&R108, near Mortimer (sp aff tridentata)Cutting€ 5,00
rvv-125 ’05Euphorbia leachiiJ&R110, south of Cradock. Cutting€ 5,00
587Euphorbia miscellaApp. 35 km north east of Port Nolloth, Richtersveld, RSA. Cutting€ 8,00
rvv-37 ’00Euphorbia polygona var ambiguaJ&R162, Farm Burbank, west of Klipplaar, RSA. Cutting€ 5,00
rvv-10 ’98Euphorbia polygona var polygonaRVV35, Pluto’s Vale, Eastern Cape, RSA. Very spiny form. Cutting€ 5,00
1316Euphorbia polygona var polygonaJ&R86, Parson’s Vlei, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Cutting.€ 5,00
1317Euphorbia polygona var polygonaJ&R86, Parson´s Vlei, Northwest P.E. Very weak form. Cutting.€ 5,00
rvv-37 ’15Euphorbia polygona var. polygonaJ&R103, N of Salem, RSA. Seedling.€ 5,00
1564Euphorbia polygona var minorGM 436, Koos Raubenheimer Dam, north of Oudtshoorn, cutting€ 5,00
1445Euphorbia polygona var minorDe Rust. Cutting€ 5,00
rvv-14 ’09Euphorbia polygona var striataGM 220, Waaipoort, north of Steytlerville. Seedling.€ 5,00
1128Euphorbia pulvinataBdV366, Southeast of Queenstown, cutting.€ 4,00