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Plantlist April 2022

All offered plants, including CITES A, are legal. When traded within the European Union it means they are also legal in your
collection. To be certain of this, keep the date and source of the plants in your administration.

Orders under € 100 are charged for € 9,00 for costs of postage. Orders over € 100 are free of costs for postage and packing.

Euphorbia subgenus Chamaesyce.
2290Euphorbia antisyphiliticaCutting€ 4,00
3465Euphorbia ceriferaNot E. antisyphilitica, yellow flowers, cutting.€ 6,00
4351Euphorbia goetzeiSeedling. Thinner and less succulent than RM1048.€ 5,00
rvv-18 ’15Euphorbia species affinis goetzeiRM1048. Ghazi, Kenya. Sold before as E. species affinis transvaalensis. Seedling.€ 5,00
2502Euphorbia miseraCutting€ 4,00
2274Euphorbia plagianthaCutting€ 4,00
rvv-63 ’08Euphorbia platyclada var platycladaCutting€ 3,00
3623Euphorbia platyclada var hardyiCutting€ 6,00
4017Euphorbia xantiiReal one, nice pink flowers, cutting€ 4,00
Euphorbia subgenus Esula
3441Euphorbia gossypina species affinisRM615, Taru, Kenya, cutting.€ 4,00
442Euphorbia laterifloraNewton 606, south of Oduponkpeke, Accra Plains, Ghana, cutting€ 4,00
rvv-25 ’07Euphorbia mauritanicaMierenfontein, south of Laingsburg. Cutting.€ 3,00
rvv-2 ’09Euphorbia mauritanicaJ&R506, Karrachab Poort. Cutting.€ 3,00
2292Euphorbia nubicaCutting€ 3,00
4028Euphorbia nubicaR&W582, east of Awash, Ethiopia. Cutting€ 5,00
3477Euphorbia schimperiHAJ161, Wadi Afal, Oman. Sold before as E. uzmuk. Cutting€ 6,00
Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia.
2919Euphorbia alcicornisSyn. E. imerina. Cutting€ 6,00
2532Euphorbia alluaudiiNice larger plant.€ 5,00
3858Euphorbia alluaudiiPCO1158-01, East of Faux Cap, Madagaskar. Cutting€ 5,00
2859Euphorbia alluaudii species affinisPCO1163-02, West of Fort Dauphin, Madagascar, cutting.€ 5,00
2568Euphorbia arahakaCutting, very similar to intisy.€ 4,00
2896Euphorbia bongolavaensisSeedling flowering size.€ 8,00
2720Euphorbia coralloides species affinisWindsor Castle Diego, Madagascar, cutting€ 4,00
3577Euphorbia coralloides species affinisRoosli&Hoffmann 54/05, Antsiranana, Windsor Castle, Madagascar, cutting€ 4,00
2860Euphorbia enterophoraCutting.€ 4,00
2920Euphorbia enterophora var crassaCutting.€ 4,00
4860Euphorbia enterophora var crassa CVRed tinged smaller forma or cultivar. Cutting.€ 5,00
2784Euphorbia famataboaySyn. Euph. Cedrorum. Cutting€ 6,00
2372Euphorbia fihenerensisCutting€ 5,00
rvv-17 ’06Euphorbia heterodoxaSeedling€ 4,00
2289Euphorbia intisyCutting€ 4,00
4861Euphorbia intisyLarger more robust form. Cutting.€ 5,00
5123Euphorbia intisy cfRoosli&Rechberger962, Atsimo, Madagascar. Cutting.€ 5,00
5306Euphorbia intisy species affinisRodhoff7-29525-4, Montagne des Francais, Madagascar. Cutting.€ 5,00
4203Euphorbia kamponiiHeid140654, Mora Mora, Tulear, Mad. Cutting.€ 5,00
2530Euphorbia laroIs synonym of Euph tirucallii, but this plant is different in several features. Cutting.€ 4,00
4107Euphorbia laro species affinisTananarive. Cutting€ 5,00
2313Euphorbia sarcostemmoïdesCutting€ 4,00
4328Euphorbia sipolisiiCutting€ 8,00
3871Euphorbia tirucalliiRM782, Sagalla, Kenya. Cutting.€ 3,00
2861Euphorbia uzmukSh8354, received as Euphorbia species. Cutting€ 5,00
4669Euphorbia weberbaueriBelow San Pablo, Cajamarca, Peru. Cutting€ 6,00
4093Euphorbia xylophylloidesCutting€ 4,00
Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia section Goniostema.
Species in this Section are of the milii-type and originate all from Madagascar.
3556Euphorbia ambonaivoensisHautes Nanambolo, Region d’Egomony. Before description as ‘Species Ipinense’. Cutting.€ 10,00
2813Euphorbia annamariaeNatural hybrid. Cutting.€ 8,00
rvv-118 ’08Euphorbia analavelonensisAnalavelona Toliary, cutting€ 6,00
141Euphorbia beharensis var. beharensisIn collections usually wrongly labelled as E. guillemetii, cutting€ 6,00
3651Euphorbia beharensis var. beharensisForm originally from Abbey Garden with big red milii-like flowers. Cutting€ 6,00
3570Euphorbia beharensis var. beharensisEx ULB Bruxelles, little green slightly red flowers. Cutting€ 6,00
3919Euphorbia beharensis var. adpressifoliaHoffstaetter05/1995, Ampanihy. Cutting.€ 8,00
2945Euphorbia beharensis var. truncataRauh68567, type clone, Behara, Tolanaro, Madagscar. Cutting or small seedling.€ 8,00
561Euphorbia betrokanaSyn. Euph milii var longifolia. This is the real thing originating from Rauh with the long flower stalks. Cutting.€ 10,00
4128Euphorbia bevilaniensisRauh M1299, North of Fort Dauphin, Madagascar. Cutting€ 4,00
rvv-113 ’20Euphorbia beuginiiRanohira, Madagascar. Cutting.€ 5,00
124Euphorbia boiteaui var boiteauiSyn. Euphorbia decaryi, but recently it has got its old name back. Cutting€ 5,00
125Euphorbia boiteaui var spirostichaCutting€ 4,00
2591Euphorbia brachyphyllaCutting€ 5,00
702Euphorbia bulbispina species affinisUnrooted cutting. Rooting is a slow process.€ 4,00
rvv-12 ’11Euphorbia capuroniiSmall seedling€ 5,00
806Euphorbia cylindrifolia ssp cylindrifoliaCutting.€ 5,00
rvv-45 ’18Euphorbia cylindrifolia ssp tuberiferaSmall seedling€ 4,00
rvv-78 ’13Euphorbia decaryi var crassicaulisEuphorbia francoisii proved to be a redescription of Euphorbia decaryi and thus a synonym. Seedling€ 10,00
70Euphorbia denisiana var alfrediiBoth Euph alfredii and Euph ankarensis have been placed as a variety under Euph denisiana. Seedling€ 5,00
rvv-86 ’96Euphorbia denisiana var ankarensisSeedling€ 5,00
3614Euphorbia didierioidesSeedling some 10 cm high.€ 8,00
rvv-45 ’17Euphorbia duraniiMount Antogona, Madagascar. Sold before as species affinis, but is true Euphorbia duranii. Cutting.€ 5,00
3880Euphorbia durispinaRauh74941. It was not possible for me to trace this Rauh number. Recently described and was known as Euph decaryi var durispina. Cutting.€ 10,00
rvv-19 ’03Euphorbia genoudianaCutting€ 6,00
rvv-105 ’02Euphorbia geroldiiType locality,Vohemar, north east of Iharana. Cutting€ 5,00
4623Euphorbia giganteaCutting€ 6,00
rvv-91 ’20Euphorbia gottlebeiCutting.€ 5,00
160Euphorbia horombensisNice thick seedling.€ 8,00
2865Euphorbia imperataeRauh M1356, Heid140159, 10 km North of Manatenina, Madagascar. Cutting.€ 6,00
2313Euphorbia mahafalenseCutting€ 6,00
rvv-79 ’17Euphorbia mangokyensisSold before as Euphorbia razafinandratsirae, but this name is a redescription of Euphorbia mangokyensis. Cutting.€ 6,00
816Euphorbia millotiiFlowering size seedling.€ 8,00
333Euphorbia neobosseriRecently recognized as a very small and slow growing form of Euph sakarahaensis. There is only one clone in cultivation. Cutting.€ 8,00
rvv-107 ’18Euphorbia roseanaZombitsy, Madagascar. Seedling€ 3,00
rvv-34 ’19Euphorbia sakarahaensisSeedling€ 5,00
3562Euphorbia tardieuana species affinisRauh70604A, Diego Suarez, Madagascar, more robust form. Rootd cutting. Probably Euph.hexadenia.€ 6,00
rvv-112 ’20Euphorbia tenuispinaSeedling. Euphorbia milii var tenuispina is now a species of its own.€ 4,00
75Euphorbia tsihombensisAgain a new name for what was sold before as E. ebeloensis (syn.) and E. croizatii. It has blue-grey leaves with a tiny purple edge. Cutting€ 5,00
204Euphorbia werneriThe correct name for E. delphinensis (syn.). Cutting€ 5,00
519Euphorbia xanthadeniaRobust plant with 4 ribs. Cutting€ 6,00
Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia section Monadenium.
Species in this Section were formerly mostly placed in the Genus Monadenium.
4881Euphorbia bisellenbeckiiSyn. Monadenium ellenbeckii. RM788, Rhamu, Kenya. Cutting€ 6,00
2990Euphorbia neokaessneriKatanga, Congo. Syn Monadenium kaessneri. Cutting.€ 8,00
4Euphorbia rhizophoraSyn. Monadenium rhizophorum. Cutting€ 4,00
13Euphorbia rhizophora var stoloniferaSyn. Monadenium rhizophorum var stoloniferum. Little tuber.€ 4,00
Euphorbia subgenus Euphorbia section Euphorbia.
Nearly all species in this section are of the spiny cactus type plants.
1454Euphorbia abdelkuriSmall graft€ 20,00
148Euphorbia adjuranaCutting€ 8,00
630Euphorbia aeruginosaMiniature form. Cutting. More tricky to grow.€ 5,00
3112Euphorbia aeruginosaJ&R539, Mutele, RSA. Cutting€ 6,00
52Euphorbia aeruginosaRobust form. Cutting€ 6,00
699Euphorbia ammak50 Km w of Sanaá, Yemen. Very slow growing. Cutting€ 6,00
3862Euphorbia ampliphyllaCutting€ 5,00
2175Euphorbia angustifloraCutting€ 4,00
2771Euphorbia antiquorum species affinisPrayobkerekhan, Thailand. Bright red in new growth. Maximum 70 cm. high in nature. Cutting.€ 6,00
3849Euphorbia antiquorum species affinisPha Daeng, Pranburi district, Prachuabkeereekhan, Thailand. Cutting€ 6,00
2023Euphorbia asthenacanthaCutting€ 6,00
494Euphorbia atrofloraCutting€ 4,00
1068Euphorbia awashensisGraft€ 14,00
2085Euphorbia ballyiCutting€ 8,00
2383Euphorbia berte-mariaeCutting€ 8,00
1434Euphorbia bitataensisCutting€ 6,00
rvv-31 ’10Euphorbia bothaeRBAM1495, 30 km nw of Grahamstown, RSA. Cutting€ 4,00
174Euphorbia borenensisCutting€ 5,00
2380Euphorbia bougheyiCutting€ 8,00
rvv-123 ’15Euphorbia buruanaRM613, Maktau, Kenya. Seedling€ 4,00
rvv-39 ’21Euphorbia breviarticulataSmall seedling€ 5,00
4186Euphorbia bwambensisEpulo, Congo. Cutting.€ 10,00
4208Euphorbia caerulescensSyn. Euph ledienii. J&R215, east of Alicedale, Eastern Cape. Cutting€ 5,00
2059Euphorbia calodermaCutting€ 6,00
rvv-88 ’17Euphorbia canariensisAutopista TF1, Salida Arafo, La Hidalgo, Tenerife. Seedling€ 2,00
4226Euphorbia cannelliiCutting€ 6,00
2476Euphorbia cattimandooSrikaikularn, India, cutting.€ 8,00
2269Euphorbia classeniiCutting€ 5,00
rvv-93 ’15Euphorbia clivicolaRBAM1748, Boyne, RSA. Cutting. Bruyns included the more elongated plants into the species Euph. clivicola.€ 6,00
4355Euphorbia clivicola ssp calcriticaDe Lange183, Roedtan, RSA. Cutting. Bruyns recently described these plants. In cultivation for many years as Euphorbia venterii.€ 6,00
2198Euphorbia clivicola ssp calcriticaLeolo Mountains, Sekhukuniland, RSA, Cutting€ 6,00
3069Euphorbia clivicola ssp calcriticaZebediela, RSA. Cutting€ 6,00
294Euphorbia cryptospinosaCutting€ 6,00
3004Euphorbia curviramaCutting€ 5,00
3948Euphorbia daweiBujumbura, Burundi. Shoot of the stem which grow into a plant with a trunk.€ 8,00
4202Euphorbia debilispinaLeach14143, 8 km West of Lusaka, Zambia. Cutting€ 4,00
483Euphorbia dedzanaDeza Mountains, Malawi. Cutting.€ 8,00
3150Euphorbia deightoniiCutting€ 5,00
2177Euphorbia dekindtiiCutting€ 6,00
578Euphorbia desmondiiCutting€ 12,00
364Euphorbia elegantissimaCutting€ 5,00
4659Euphorbia evansiiCutting€ 4,00
482Euphorbia eyassianaLCL13205, between Oldeani and Lak Eyassi, Tanzania. Type-clone. Cutting.€ 5,00
525Euphorbia eyassiana species affinisMore heavily spined form. Cutting.€ 5,00
613Euphorbia fascicaulisLavr10332, Kuruwadne, Somalia, Cutting€ 5,00
3147Euphorbia franckianaCutting€ 5,00
rvv-55 ’10Euphorbia frankiiFN 1283, Kawbakan, Yemen, cutting.€ 5,00
2174Euphorbia fruticosaAJB 126, South of Nashamak, Yemen. Cutting. This form has a very different habit than the common form.€ 6,00
540Euphorbia fruticosaFN755, 20 km n of Ma’bar, Yemen, cutting€ 5,00
2405Euphorbia fruticosaFN1258, 30 Km from t/o Wadi Dhar – Shibam, Yemen. Small seedling.€ 5,00
1192Euphorbia fruticosaFN1370, 7 km West of Al-Mahwit, Yemen. Cutting€ 5,00
3433Euphorbia fruticosaPH219, Wadi Al-Hadud, s/w of Mankhah, Yemen. Cutting.€ 5,00
2902Euphorbia furcataCutting€ 5,00
1808Euphorbia galgalanaLavr24765, HBG957890, Galgalo, 25 km west of Carin, Bari Region, Somalia. Cutting€ 8,00
1431Euphorbia gemmeaCutting€ 5,00
2028Euphorbia gilletii ssp gilletiiFKH777. Cutting€ 8,00
1062Euphorbia glochidiataThick dark form, cutting€ 6,00
rvv-41 ’18Euphorbia grandicornisSeedling€ 4,00
2283Euphorbia greenwayii ssp breviaculeata species affinisLavr.21330, cutting€ 4,00
3151Euphorbia greenwayii ssp breviaculeataRuahua Gorge, Tanzania. Cutting€ 4,00
2261Euphorbia greenwayii species affinisSpecks 1184, West of Itigi, Singida Prov., Tanzania, cutting.€ 5,00
346Euphorbia griseola ssp griseolaLeach17984, Mpulungu, Lake Tanganyika, Zambia. Cutting, nice yellow patterned form.€ 6,00
rvv-33 ’21Euphorbia halipedicolaSmall seedling€ 8,00
4335Euphorbia heterochromaCutting€ 5,00
1075Euphorbia heterospina ssp baringoensisCutting€ 5,00
478Euphorbia inarticulataCutting€ 4,00
4400Euphorbia inarticulata8 Km n/e of Hajjah, Yemen. Cutting€ 6,00
2058Euphorbia incultaCutting€ 6,00
3973Euphorbia isacanthaCutting€ 6,00
2998Euphorbia isacantha species affinisSpecks21179, Singida Prov., Tanzania. Cutting€ 5,00
5556Euphorbia kamerunicaCutting€ 6,00
2080Euphorbia keithiiCutting€ 5,00
4319Euphorbia laceiOld name is Euphorbia barnhardtii. Cutting€ 5,00
2057Euphorbia lactea cv ‘White Ghost’Cutting€ 6,00
rvv-104 ’17Euphorbia laikipiensisRM1110, near Ruare, Nanyuki towards Nyahururu, Kenya. Cutting.€ 6,00
rvv-120 ’08Euphorbia lenewtoniiNewton & Liede 4429, N.W. of Farkwa, Kondoa District, Tanzania. Clonotype, cutting€ 5,00
1096Euphorbia leontopodaCutting€ 5,00
3976Euphorbia louwiiCutting€ 5,00
4458Euphorbia lukoseanaLukose River, Tanzania. Cutting€ 5,00
2652Euphorbia lydenburgensisCutting€ 4,00
1635Euphorbia lydenburgensis var minorAbel Erasmus Pass, RSA. Cutting€ 5,00
2374Euphorbia makallensisCutting€ 4,00
rvv-92 ’14Euphorbia malevolaB&R709, North bank of Lundi River, north of Runde, Zimbabwe. Cutting€ 6,00
23Euphorbia micracanthaJ&R107, Damplaas, south of Cradock, RSA. Seedling.€ 6,00
1895Euphorbia mosaicaGraft€ 12,00
1637Euphorbia nigrispinaB&L837, top of hills above Galgalo, Bari Region, Somalia. Cutting€ 8,00
3536Euphorbia nubigenaCutting€ 6,00
304Euphorbia odonthophoraCutting€ 10,00
rvv-83 ’03Euphorbia opuntioidesCutting€ 6,00
2371Euphorbia parciramulosaCutting€ 5,00
rvv-218 ’07Euphorbia petraeaCutting€ 4,00
1613Euphorbia petricolaOld clone. Cutting.€ 5,00
4873Euphorbia cf petricolaRM616, Kyulu Hill, Kenya. Cutting. Looks quite different from the old clone. Is not Euph uhligiana€ 6,00
216Euphorbia phillipsiaeCutting€ 8,00
2416Euphorbia polyacanthaE04601. Cutting.€ 4,00
1069Euphorbia prona species affinisCape Guardafui, Somalia. Graft€ 16,00
4330Euphorbia quadrilateraCutting€ 6,00
352Euphorbia richardsiaeCutting€ 5,00
172Euphorbia rowlandiiCutting€ 8,00
2403Euphorbia rubrispinosaCutting€ 6,00
491Euphorbia rubromarginataSomatal Pass, Ethiopia, cutting.€ 5,00
488Euphorbia rugosifloraR 1243, ‘The Corner’, Chimanimani Mountains, Zimbabwe, cutting€ 4,00
4868Euphorbia samburuensisRM12035, near Baragoi, El Barta Plains, Kenya. Form with average heavy spines. Cutting€ 6,00
2529Euphorbia saxorumGreen form, cutting€ 4,00
2485Euphorbia saxorumIn between form, cutting.€ 4,00
2535Euphorbia saxorumMutomo Hills, Kenya, cutting€ 5,00
2562Euphorbia schinziiGraft. Bruyns put this well-known name to what was known as Euphorbia complexa and named what we know as Euphorbia schinzii; Euphorbia steelpoortensis. Graft€ 12,00
1774Euphorbia sebsebeiType locality, Wachile – Yavello road, Ethiopia, cutting.€ 5,00
4015Euphorbia sebsebeiR&W634, W of Wachile towards Mega, Ethiopia. Cutting.€ 6,00
1774Euphorbia seibanicaLavr. & Al-Gifri 30745, Bain Al-Jibal, Hadramaut, Yemen, cutting€ 6,00
2729Euphorbia septentrionalisBlueish form, cutting€ 4,00
3635Euphorbia septentrionalis9 Km. West of Rumuruti, Kenya. Cutting.€ 5,00
2411Euphorbia serenpiditaCutting.€ 5,00
989Euphorbia similirameaCutting€ 4,00
149Euphorbia stapfii species affinisMoyale – Badich Road, Kenya. Cutting.€ 6,00
2135Euphorbia steelpoortensisLeach17932, Farm ‘Thornecliffe’, near Steelpoort. Normal form of this species. Cutting€ 6,00
3828Euphorbia steelpoortensisBurgersfort. Sold before as E. species affinis aeruginosa. Ex ES3306. Cutting.€ 5,00
709Euphorbia steelpoortensisLeach17817, 5 km SE of Chuniespoort. Cutting€ 6,00
3413Euphorbia subscandensCutting€ 5,00
2304Euphorbia susan-holmesiaeCutting€ 8,00
3894Euphorbia tenuispinosaRoad Samburu to Voi, 1,4 km before Voi, Kenya. Cutting.€ 5,00
3889Euphorbia tescorumCutting€ 6,00
5557Euphorbia thiCutting€ 6,00
rvv-94 ’13Euphorbia tortiramaJ&R520, Polokwane, RSA. Seedling.€ 5,00
2136Euphorbia tsavoensisCutting€ 6,00
3860Euphorbia vajraveluiCutting€ 6,00
2302Euphorbia vallarisCutting€ 4,00
2105Euphorbia vandermerweiCutting€ 6,00
4256Euphorbia viduifoliaCutting€ 5,00
416Euphorbia vulcanorumCutting€ 6,00
4180Euphorbia species affinis vulcanorumRM916, Sololo – Makutano junction, Kenya. Cutting€ 6,00
2205Euphorbia waterbergensisCutting€ 5,00
167Euphorbia whellaniiCutting€ 3,00
Euphorbia subgenus Athymalus (Rhizanthium).
rvv-36 ’06Euphorbia aggregataJ&R94, ‘Buffelsdrift’, West of Carlisle Bridge.€ 4,00
1349Euphorbia aggregata species affinisJ&R116, Valley of Desolation, North/West of Graaff Reinet. Smaller form.€ 5,00
1266Euphorbia cumulataJ&R56, near Buffelsdrift, East of Committees Drift, cutting.€ 4,00
rvv-42 ’00Euphorbia cumulataJ&R63, East of Ecca Pass Monument, cutting.€ 4,00
4895Euphorbia dhofarensisCutting€ 5,00
1056Euphorbia feroxSwanepoelspoort, between Willowmore and Klipplaat, cutting.€ 4,00
rvv-43 ’00Euphorbia feroxJ&R164, farm ‘Drie Kuilen’ east of Steytlerville, cutting.€ 4,00
rvv-101 ’19Euphorbia heptagonaJ&R54, north of Triumpheeter’s Drift, Eastern Cape. Seedling.€ 5,00
rvv-24 ’16Euphorbia laricaCutting€ 6,00
rvv-61 ’00Euphorbia leachiiJ&R108, near Mortimer (sp aff tridentata)Cutting€ 5,00
rvv-125 ’05Euphorbia leachiiJ&R110, south of Cradock. Cutting€ 5,00
2497Euphorbia polycephalaCutting€ 6,00
rvv-10 ’98Euphorbia polygona var polygonaRVV35, Pluto’s Vale, Eastern Cape. Very spiny form, cutting.€ 5,00
1317Euphorbia polygona var polygonaJ&R86, Parson’s Vlei, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Cutting.€ 4,00
1317Euphorbia polygona var polygonaJ&R86, Parson´s Vlei, Northwest P.E. Very weak form. Cutting.€ 4,00
rvv-37 ’15Euphorbia polygona var. polygonaJ&R103, N of Salem, RSA. Seedling.€ 3,00
1564Euphorbia polygona var minorGM 436, Koos Raubenheimer Dam, north of Oudtshoorn, cutting€ 5,00
1445Euphorbia polygona var minorDe Rust. Cutting€ 4,00
rvv-14 ’09Euphorbia polygona var striataGM 220, Waaipoort, north of Steytlerville. Seedling.€ 4,00
1128Euphorbia pulvinataBdV366, Southeast of Queenstown, cutting.€ 4,00
3345Euphorbia tridentataJ&R374, Riversdale. Cutting€ 4,00
2128Euphorbia tridentataIB13759, Hartenbosch, cutting.€ 4,00

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